Webicus, LLC

Webicus, LLC is an Internet services company. We deliver agile web applications, eCommerce solutions and cloud computing services.

Agile Web Applications

We develop applications rapidly using agile techniques to deliver to our clients the best, most agile web applications possible. Our mantra is fit, simple, solid and that is what we deliver for each project.

eCommerce Solutions

The fast cart - (c)Drew Wilson

Webicus has a history of delivering eCommerce solutions of every kind. We have worked with medium sized businesses building their first site. We've build B2B solutions. We have built wholesaler portals, QuickBooks integration and lot more. If you need a capable eCommerce website, you are in the right place.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is the most exciting innovation in computing in years. For large companies the cloud offers an opportunity to significantly reduce cost while improving agility, and stability. For medium sized companies increased elasticity means they now have the flexibility to have a world class IT infrastructure and an Internet presence second to none. Even small companies can leverage the cloud to reduce costs and improve web site response times and operational stability at very low cost!

We Can Help

Webicus can help. Let us use our technology to help your business succeed! Contact us