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About Us

Webicus, LLC is an Internet services company. We deliver best-in-class web apps, cloud and eCommerce solutions. We have twenty years of experience working to deliver eCommerce and Internet projects. Let us deliver for you.

Our Leaders

Eric Winter, Principal, Webicus, LLC

Eric Winter, Founder and Principal. Eric has been in involved with Internet technologies over the last 20 years. An early adopter by nature, he is always interested in the latest technologies and how they can be leveraged. His current interests are in cloud computing, Ruby and NoSQL. Before starting Webicus in 2006, Eric worked in research, for startups and at Fortune 50 companies. Eric holds a BS and MS from Georgia Tech.

Our Value

Our value stems from our experience, our knowledge and our ability to deliver custom web applications.

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Know what you want? We can build it.

Need help figuring out what the next step should be? Leverage our experience.

Convert more, generate better revenue, and make your customers even happier.

Our Approach

When our customers win, we win. We look to understand our customer - their needs, their customers. Those needs and goals organically drive our solutions.

Our Experience

Webicus brings to the market more than twenty years of information technology experience and expertise with high volume payment solutions and top 100 eCommerce.

Our Offering