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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a set of new technologies which can (and should) be leveraged by most medium sized businesses. Correct use and implementation will make applications more responsive, more stable, more resilient and more flexible.

Let Webicus upgrade your site, your web applications to take advantage of the cloud revolution.

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More Responsive

Google ranks sites in part based on web page load times, so faster sites get rated better. Is your site as fast as it could be?

More Stable

Using cloud technology we can make your site/your app much more stable. If you see variability in performance based on the time of day or day of the week, this can be helped. It is also great for disaster recovery situations.

More Resilient

Using cloud technology it is possible to make your app or website bulletproof. Scale up when traffic is high, scale back down when traffic slows and pay only for what you use. Offload non-core tasks to other cloud resources. It's a perfect solution for many applications and web sites.

More Flexible

Flexibility is a key cornerstone of the cloud movement. Pay only for what you use. Use only what you need. Have as much horsepower in reserve (at no cost to you!).