Spree eCommerce Development, Design, Consulting, Implementation

Spree Commerce Support and Maintenance

Small Enhancements and Support

If you have an eCommerce store then the need to satisfy and delight the customer does not stop at go-live. We support our clients, so they can delight their customer at go-live and beyond. Can we delight yours too? Give us a shout!

We are available to support and enhance your eCommerce store, keeping it fresh, secure and up to date.

Full Service: Hosting and Maintenance

Some clients do not have the IT staff to support their store, we can step in and entirely take over that task, keeping your site humming smoothly and the sales rolling in!

Spree Commerce Support

Project Gone Wrong?

We have experience reining in runaway projects. If your project is "80% complete" and your team is nowhere to be found, let us know. It would not be the first time we helped a site go-live

Just need one thing

We can engage for very short projects, we call them small enhancements. Contact us we'll take a look, give you an estimate, and get it done.


If you have some concerns, let us know. We can perform an audit (easy) and recommend what is needed (often easy).

Second Opinion

We have had clients, who just wanted to make sure that what their development shop was telling them was accurate. We are glad to take a look and give you the unvarnished truth.

Contact Us

Drop us a line let us know how we can help.